Wedding Planning


All our all-inclusive wedding packages include Day 1 access completely free of additional charge (except out-of-pocket expenses) to our in-house wedding co-ordinator, who is an expert at sourcing all local and national suppliers for all those vital bits and pieces that go to make up a great wedding. Our–in house co-ordinator works closely with a top Scottish society and celebrity wedding planner who brings a huge network of entertainment-based contacts and can help deliver that extra element of fantasy to make your wedding truly a memorable event.

Have a look and see the kind of things our co-ordinator and planner can help you get sorted

1.  Registrar & Ministers
2.  Wedding cake supplier
3.   Florist
4.  Photographer
5.   Transport (luxury and vintage cars, luxury yacht, speed boat, horse drawn carriages, helicopters etc)
6.   Lone Piper, full pipe band, Scottish Ceilidh bands and other musical entertainment
Hairdresser and beautician
7.  Firework display
8.   Leisure and sports activities for wedding guests (see link Concierge)